Not Your Typical Pittsburgh Food Tour Experience

Food Guy Adventures is not your usual everyday neighborhood food tour. We don’t just show you things. We cultivate unforgettable journeys that celebrate Pittsburgh’s food, culture, and people. Let’s explore the city together!

Small Groups | Expert Guides | Local Merchants | Unforgettable Stories

What Makes Food Guy Adventures Different?


Live in PGH: All of our guides live in the city of Pittsburgh. They eat and play in the same neighborhoods we explore.

Support Our Neighbors: We care about the success and vitality of the neighborhoods we visit. Our merchant partners work hard to create the finest goods in the region and we make sure they are compensated for their craft.

Stay Hungry: There aren’t many professions that consider eating as research and we savor every minute. It is our passion for finding the tastiest treasures in Pittsburgh (and beyond) that makes a Food Guy Adventures tour so much fun!