Our team building tours will have your company well on its way to encouraging a team of peers to work together, are productive and have a renewed focus.

With extensive experience in working for both large and small organizations, we can customize a food and beverage themed tours that will fit your needs and achieve your desired goals.

A well-executed team building experience will:

•    Improve communication
•    Boosting morale and motivate
•    Break awkward tensions
•    Learn effective problem solving strategies
•    Improve productivity
•    Understand team member strengths and weaknesses
•    Simply have fun!

The tours are engaging also have the "side effect" of building teamwork skills that can help improve employee performance and productivity at the office. We can customize any walking tour experience to fit your needs!

“I have spent over ten years working in corporate marketing for an array of enterprises including contract management services, industrial real estate, and several tech start-ups. I understand your challenges and can help you achieve your goals through unique team building experiences.”
— Cory, Owner / Head Guide